Staff Training

Learning time at North Leeds Medical Practice 

To ensure that our clinical and administrative teams are always well equipped to deliver excellent care, we close both Harrogate Road and Milan Street Surgeries on a bimonthly basis – using this time to engage in training and communicate clinical updates.

Please note the dates and times, the surgeries will close for 2024/25.

Closure DateClosure Time
Thursday 11th January 202412:00
Thursday 8th February 202412:00
Thursday 7th March 202412:00
Thursday 18th April 202412:00
Thursday 16th May 202412:00
Thursday   13th June 202412:00
Thursday 4th July 202412:00
Thursday 12th September 202412:00
Thursday 3rd October 202412:00
Thursday 7th November 202412:00
Thursday 16th January 202512:00