COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Posted by: Monifa - Posted on:

From 19 July 2021, restrictions are being lifted, but in any health care setting it will still be required to continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt), keep their distance and wash or sanitise their hands. Please see link for further information

Doors at the Harrogate Road surgery will be open from 19th July but we are asking patients to maintains certain rules:

  • Social distancing
  • Hand washing/sanitising
  • Mask wearing
  • Only 6 people will be allowed to queue in reception
  • Only 7 people will be able to be wait to be seen in the ground floor waiting area
  • Only 10 people will be allowed to wait in first floor waiting area.

Doors at the Milan Street surgery will unfortunately continue being closed. The reason is that due to the size and distribution of the building, we wouldn’t be able to follow social distancing rules if we were to open the doors. Please continue using the intercom as usual.