Update on new site for Milan Street Patients:

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Some of you might know that we have been working to get a new building for patients at Milan Street for a long time, because we have outgrown it and the building is not fit for our patients needs anymore. After a very long process we were given the green light and got a new building approved.

It’s taken a long time to start with the actual building work due to different reasons, but things finally started happening last month.

The new building is going to be called the Harehills Community Health Centre (or HC2). It is going to be located in front of the Asda, on Harehills Lane. It will have more space than the current surgery, so we will be able to provide more services and appointments.

The expected date to move to the new building will be in late October 2023 .

We will keep you posted with the progress via our website and social media  (Facebook and Instagram).

There is not much to see currently, but these are some pictures of how things are looking at the moment.